A Bit Of Nostalgia

A Bit Of Nostalgia - See Us in Action When We Used to Sell Christmas Trees

At Woodhaven Tree Farm we used to offer a great Christmas Tree experience for all of our visitors. Check it out and see why everyone used to love to spend a part of their day selecting and harvesting their own Christmas Tree.

A Bit Of Nostalgia - Our Exclusive Christmas Tree Stands

Check out the great Woodhaven Christmas Tree stands we used to sell - they were the best there was - watch the video and you'll understand why you'd select one of these instead of anything else you've ever seen before. Great instructions showing you how to use them.

Testimonial from Don Burnett January 18, 2010

Testimonial from Don Burnett January 18, 2010
Hi Ted, I just had to say thank you for the tree we got from you again this year and tell you how happy we’ve been with your Christmas trees!
For over 25 years I have bought and sold Christmas trees myself in my family retail garden centre in Kelowna BC and during that time I focused on quality, selection and service. Other than on only a few occasions we purchased and sold only trees grown here in British Columbia and those were grown for the most part in the lower mainland. Now that I am not involved in the business I’m thrilled to be able to get my tree from Woodhaven Tree Farms because of the great quality, selection, and service you offer. You go out of your way to make it a great experience and of course, it all comes with the added bonus that you are local and grow them right here in Kelowna. I’ve always tried to support our local farmers and it sure makes it easy when locally grown products are perhaps even better (certainly fresher) than those from elsewhere. Nowhere have I found concolor fir like the ones you have in your plantation. I tried one a few years ago and I just can’t switch to any other. They’re gorgeous trees and keep their needles extremely well. For the quality of trees you sell, your prices are certainly reasonable and you just can’t get a tree any fresher than when you choose the tree you want and cut it yourself! You always have a warm fire burning and offer a hot drink too, so it makes for an exceptional outing for the entire family.

Ted, I don’t know if I mentioned it, but we used to sell those ‘Life Time’ tree stands you carry too. I’ve not seen them anywhere else, but I always thought they were one of the best stands on the market!! Glad you're selling them too!!
If I might make a suggestion, you should try and encourage people to come on weekdays. I know you are closed on Saturday, but I’ve noticed things can get really pretty hectic for your staff on Sundays!
Thank you so much, and I hope to see you again next year,

Don Burnett
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