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What do we do?

Woodhaven Tree Farm is committed to consistently providing the highest quality, selection, and service, maximizing satisfaction for all of our customers. We have aspired to the highest quality of service in the industry and we seek to do our very best in what we do and the product selections we offer.

Landscape Trees

We are still very much in the Landscape Tree business.

We Move Trees  - 98% success!

We will supply large and small trees for landscape work F.O.B. our farm or will deliver and plant as required.

Donate A Tree

If you have a tree in your yard that you no longer want, please contact us before you destroy it! Depending upon the tree, we sometimes will bear the cost ourselves of digging and removing it, then donate it to a charitable entity.

Why Choose Us?

Woodhaven Tree Farm owns some of the best tree digging and moving equipment available anywhere in the Okanagan! We create ‘Privacy Belts’, and we do contract digging and moving of trees for valley residents, businesses, schools, institutions, and communities. Whatever your needs, we hope you will allow us the favor of an opportunity to meet them, and we thank you ever so much for that privilege!!!

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