What a difference a real tree makes!


The very first Christmas tree that I ever got on my own was from your Woodhaven Christmas Tree Farm! I had grown up with fake plastic trees, and my goodness what a difference a real tree makes! I was so pleasantly surprised to find that my entire house smelled like the woods!

When I came to your farm I had a lot of fun chatting with you and you cut the tree for me, shook the 'whatever' out of it with your fancy shaking machine, then wrapped it all up with twine and helped me get the tree into my car! You also made sure I knew how to care for the tree to make it last as long as possible! Well, your instructions paid off! My tree lasted until May!!! I could have kept it even longer as it still wasn't loosing it's needles, but I got tired of it and besides, Christmas in May seemed a little strange!


Over all, I had a fantastic experience selecting my very own Christmas tree and I plan to be back next year for another one!! Thank you Mr. Corbett for showing me such a good time and doing it by just being your warm and friendly self! I hope to always treat people like you treated me!!!

With my gratitude and best wishes. LS!