Testimonial from D. Armstrong


Dear Ted

I have to tell you how happy and relieved I was to find you sold the Lifetime Tree Stands.  My husband and I bought one in 1990 when we first married and we have used it every Christmas since.  I always worried what we would do if it ever wore out because I haven’t seen them sold anywhere, until we came to your tree farm.  They are simply THE BEST tree stand ever!  I will never buy any other tree stand, because once you’ve owned a Lifetime stand you’ll never go back.  Thank you so much for carrying these for your customers.  I can rest easy knowing if I need another you have them;  however, this will be Christmas number 22 and it’s still going strong.

D. Armstrong


Our civic address follows but please don’t drive out without calling to confirm that we are home. It is a farm and we are not always available.

1705 Swainson Rd.
Kelowna, B.C. V1P 1C5
1 250 826 8733


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