Choosing the family Christmas Tree


Choosing a 'Christmas Tree' is an eagerly anticipated and an extremely enjoyable part of our Christmas tradition! People like to come to a ‘Choose and Cut Christmas Tree Farm’—just for the experience! Parents and grandparents love it—and of course, so do the children and grandchildren! Together, the family may hike through hundreds if not thousands of trees of differing color, texture, size, and species in search of a ‘Tree’ just right for them. Once selected and cut, each tree is mechanically shaken on a ‘Tree Shaker’ to remove loose needles, weeds, grasses, or other debris and then should go through a ‘Tree Bailer’ to gently contain all the branches for their protection, ease of handling, and for your convenience in transporting and when you carry the tree into your home. If required, farm staff is available to help place the tree in/on your vehicle. Choosing and cutting your own real 'Christmas Tree' is an enjoyable, relaxing, relational family experience! One that you and your children/grandchildren will long remember and it comes complete with a complimentary hot drink provided by Woodhaven Farm!! We also have lifetime 'Christmas Tree Stands’ or you may wish to simply pick up a bundle or two of ‘fresh’ boughs to do some decorating for Christmas!!
Remember, that a real 'Christmas Tree' is a ‘renewable’, ‘recyclable’, resource, and once composted it becomes a gift back to the soil of everything that came out of it! A gift our environment appreciates and one that keeps on giving for years and years to come!
This year treat yourself and your loved ones to an old-fashioned Christmas by harvesting a ‘natural’ Christmas Tree from a local Tree Farm! Choosing and cutting your own tree is an experience your children shouldn’t miss—especially when it is so readily available!! (Woodhaven Tree Farm is just fifteen minutes from Orchard Park Shopping Center!!).

NOTE: Because they like to have the ‘pick of the farm’, many people ask if it is OK to harvest their tree even in late November or the first week of December. The answer is yes and the reason is that by mid to late November, the trees in our area are all dormant and if kept cool and moist, with a little protection from wind and sun, they will keep for weeks without giving any problems! But be certain to give them a ‘fresh cut’ and all the water they want once you bring them indoors—and remember to use boiling tap water for their first big drink!!



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